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If you need any type of roofing service, it is necessary that you hire certified roofing technicians who have all necessary skills.  They can provide quality service so your roof will NEVER leak or fail prematurely.   Beware: There are dozens of local handymen, DIY-types who can give you their best shot, but do you really want to chance it when your roof depends on it?   Roofing Ann Arbor will provide you with the ultimate solution in roofing repair and replacement.  Call us today for your free quote.

I Need My Rook Leak Fixed Now!

Selecting a roofing company that can accommodate every roofing  issue, you can have peace of mind that your roof will be fixed beyond your expectations.  Our company has all of the roofing material necessary in stock which saves you time and expedites the roof replacement process.

Another benefit of only hiring the best roofing company in the Ann Arbor area is that we are certified for the roofing installation work that you need.  Consider hiring only roofing contractors that have been authorized to provide repairs to your roof and are ready to perform.

When taking a chance with a non-certified roofing contractor, the warranty can be voided and you will be out of luck if your roof fails prematurely.  Our team at Roofing Ann Arbor can help!

What About My Warranty?

When hiring a certified roofing contractor, your roofing warranty remains intact.   Also, material that needs replacing can be authorized by the original manufacturer.  Your roofing contractor is trained on the benefits and features of the roofing material you need.  This is the key difference between hiring a professional roofing company and hiring a handyman from down the street.   Roofing Ann Arbor maintains warranties to reduce future costs to the customer.  The customer comes first!

Roofing Ann Arbor Service Area

Roofing Ann Arbor Service Area

Roofing Ann Arbor Service Area

We provide the absolute best roofing service in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.  Call today for a free quote and you can get $100 off of your new roof!  We also match competitors pricing!

When something goes wrong and you need a roof repair quickly, do you want  someone hacking their way through a job especially with you paying their hourly rate?

When you have trust in your roofing contractor who has been properly trained to work on your roof and maintain the warranty, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best service available on the market.


Roofing Ann Arbor will provide the highest level of service at the lowest possible price, guaranteed!

We can help you if you are in:
  • Brighton,
  • Chelsea
  • Ypsilanti
  • Plymouth
  • Saline
  • Manchester
  • Northville
  • South Lyon
  • Livonia
  • Milan
  • Pittsfield Township
  • York Township,
  • Canton
  • Westland
  • Pinckney
and many other surrounding locations.  Call us today for your free quote!